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Alice Smith, 'Cabaret'

The sublime and powerful vocal stylings of Alice Smith can sometimes be
overlooked as an afterthought these days by the average music lover. But
those who became fans of the Washington D.C. native back when her
debut album, For Lovers, Dreamers and Me, graced ears in 2006 know
different. And Smith is showing why with her latest single, ‘Cabaret’ that
she premiered after her show at The Hamilton in downtown D.C. last
November. When you listen to it, you get hit with the sheer power within
the first notes. And the upbeat arrangement that frames her singing is
akin to a Sunday revival with its horns, lulling you into joy. Alice Smith
hasn’t gone out of sight. This new song just shows that she was waiting
for you to get ‘round the bend to hear her better. 

‘Cabaret’ is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. 

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