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Grant Lyle - So There

For those who like their blues simmering with enough soul and a light touch of
whimsy like one finds at the cusp of a grey Sunday morning, you’ll find that Grant 
Lyle’s latest album, ‘So There’, fits the bill and then some. Hailing from Toronto,
Canada, Lyle is a seasoned musician with seven albums to date under his belt and
a slew of appearances throughout his native country as well as heavy airplay in
the United Kingdom, the US, Spain and Russia among other places. With ‘So There’,
you immediately see why that’s the case. The album is teeming with Lyle’s unique
voice and passionate guitar throughout. ‘Let It Out’ is pure roadhouse rhythm that
will have your feet tapping. ‘Levee Moan’ on first listen catapults you into bayou 
calm with Lyle’s singing coursing like beads of sweat on a cold soda bottle. ‘Librium’
gives you upbeat rock that hits you in the hip pocket. With ‘So There’, Grant Lyle
is telling you plainly about that good place he’s in with his music - and invites you
to join him. ‘So There’ is available on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby.

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