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Odessa Kane - Cuetes And Balisongs

One fact that always should be respected in hip-hop is the potential for greatness -
or wackness - that lies before an MC who steps out from being part of a known 
crew. Fortunately for Odessa Kane, it’s the former that comes to light on his 
latest EP, Cuetes And Balisongs. The title of the album is an homage to both his
Mexican and Filipino heritage and Kane ensures the heft of both weapons lies in
his lyrics here. Only the second EP after his time as part of the Masters of The 
Universe Crew, Kane spits lyrics that depict how one uses the mind and spirit to
rise above hard times relying on his own past. With ‘Chapter 6, Verse 19’ he pays
tribute to his hard-working family with lines like ‘from Tijuana Mami learned how 
make seeds out them crumbs/and Papi worked the night shift/yo it’s 2013 Papi
still works the night shift’. ‘Nino de La Tierra’ sees Odessa savage studio gangsters
in the name of spreading positivity. Cuetes and Balisongs throughout is strong on
the production side, thanks to his brother Infinity Gauntlet crafting beats that 
pulsate with Spanish guitars and edgy bass. If the goal is to let iron sharpen iron,
Odessa Kane demonstrates it well here. 

Cop the album here:

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