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Audrey Kawasaki

The artwork of Audrey Kawasaki is akin to sunlight viewed through cotton shades
during a summer afternoon; striking in it’s definition but tender. Her portrayals of
adolescent women are gentle, daubed with coyness with just enough sensuality
to keep you riveted. Based out of her hometown of Los Angeles, California, Audrey’s
artwork has captivated many since 2005, when she struck out on her own after 
two years at Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, New York. The oil paintings on wood
bring out the rich blend of influences on her art, with the free flowing style of art
noveau and the crisp lines found in Japanese manga. Her work has been featured
in Juxtapoz magazine, and she has also done the cover for Alice Smith’s debut LP
as well as having one of her paintings featured on Kat Von D’s reality show. Rest
assured that Audrey Kawasaki’s work will linger on the palate of your spirit for
quite some time. 

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