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Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality (Remixed Double LP)

It is a definite fact that some good music comes from a merging of worlds you
wouldn’t think would go well together. That axiom comes to life again thanks
to Chords of Truth, the brainchild of folk singer Jason Garriotte. Driven by an 
innate sense of reflection, the Clemson, South Carolina native wanted to make
music that compelled the listener to begin the deep journey of self-inquiry. And
in 2011 when he released his debut album, Reflections of Reality, the folk singer’s
message rang clear for all. Garriotte found that many admirers of his introspective
lyricism were electronic music fans, and soon he began work on remixing his album
with the help of producers from the genre for this new double LP. The entire album
is a mystic’s digital wanderings while still wearing the fabric that holds him to the
truths of the past. ‘The Power To Be Alive( The Green Raver Folkstep Mix)’ is flush
with soaring light, while another standout track, ‘Moments (The Chameleon Acidfolk
Remix)’ is hypnotic, charging mantra that would live well on a club’s dancefloor or
in the ears while completing that last mile of running. And ‘Pop or Soda(LORDBRET
Right Choice Remix)’ is so crisp and yet pulls you in with the finest of basslines. 
What Chords of Truth has done on this album is to paint new horizons in colors and
light that burn so bright that you can’t imagine the skies without them.


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