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[MUSIC] The Plum Magnetic - 'Terra Animata'

There are moments when you need an airy feeling
to envelop your day-to-day mood. You can find it
in various ways, including music. The Plum Magnetic
seek to aid you in that task with their album, Terra
Animata. The group calls New Orleans, Louisiana
home, and it’s apropo for a band that looks to set
new precedents in world/fusion music while still
giving listeners a fresh sound. Their city’s diverse
influence combined with the influences of each
member’s musical prowess(Trent Ciolino and Andrew
McLean met while studying Indian classical music
for example) sparkle throughout the album. You
get this rich sound beginning with ‘Trece Leches’,
a song so mesmerizing you feel a bit of a jolt when
it ends. On ‘SheshBesh’, Indian tabla and bluegrass
swing merrily with each other framed by rising guitar
licks. ‘The Delicious’ is just that; a savory pleasure
that is akin to the same haunting joys found in
melodies by The Robert Cray Band. Terra Animata
is a plush, airy delight for the ears that won’t be
soon overlooked. The album is available now. 

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