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[MUSIC] New Mongrels - 'Raised Incorruptible'

What makes the New Mongrels a band set to
garner genuine curiosity? The reason first begins
with their name. The musical collective is in 
fact the latest iteration of a band founded 148
years ago in the Civil War era. ‘The Smythe 
County Mongrels Society’ was founded by band
member Haynes Brooke’s great grandfather. 
Haynes retraced that history back to the county
courthouse and found the original charter, 
prompting the band to return to making music.
Raised Incorruptible is the latest album from
the group since 1998. 

The New Mongrels have a unique sound that
shouts Americana but in a fresh way that still
honors rich musical roots. Impressive for a 
group that stretches from Decatur, Alabama
to Seattle, Wshington and even neighboring
Vancouver, B.C. Raised Incorruptible is crisp
and sonorous without drifiting into areas that
could bore. ‘Seems’ evokes the tingling melodies
akin to Edie Brickell’s own, with a good back
and forth between guitars led by great vocals.
‘Love It Madly’ is morning calm with gentle 
chords framing a terse but lively harmony. 
The New Mongrels ably demonstrate that 
music by an artisticly inclined committee 
can speak to everyone with a gentle voice.
Raised Incorruptible will be out early next

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