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[MUSIC] Heidi Howe - 'Be Good' 

Country music is all about how your voice can
convey all kinds of stories for all kinds of people
in the simplest of ways. For Heidi Howe, she’s
been using her voice to convey all kinds of good
feeling for quite some time. Hailing from Lexington,
Kentucky, Howe has been involved with the life
of country music from a very young age thanks
to her concert promoter father. She made a bold
impression at a local NPR concert in 1998 and
built upon that success with her debut album a
year later. ‘The little girl with the big red guitar’
has since produced eight albums and until this
release, released five solo albums. Be Good is
her first since 2007.

The album is cheerful and brisk throughout. Heidi’s
voice dazzles when you first hear it. Each song
finds it wafting like great aromas of cherry pies
fresh out of the oven. ‘Keep Me Crazy’ cascades
over the ears, with choice fiddle work being an
accent to the song’s already pleasant feel. Her
ode to music titans, ‘The Ramones and George
Jones’ is steady but light in its tone. And the title
track does wrap the feeling of the entire album
up in a wholesome way. With a voice like Heidi’s,
it’s not a stretch to say that she will definitely 
be a good part of the country music world for
quite some time. Be Good will be released in
February 2014. 


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