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[MUSIC] Slack Armada

The poet Carl Sandburg called Chicago, Illinois ‘the city
of big shoulders’ in his ode to the metropolis. And as
such, people have grown to expect big things from the
city iin every aspect. The latest example lies in the
self-titled debut album from Slack Armada. Slack Armada
is the brainchild of James Hrabak, a self-professed ‘sonic
adventurer’ who cultivated his love of music through
the genre of indie rock initially. His creative forays took
him through to electronic music, where he began to
find more room to really craft soundscapes to his liking.
What Slack Armada presents is a robust and soaring
aural experience that makes it differ from other producers
in the genre. The pulsating beats are the bedrock for
high-arching harmonies. While the EP is four tracks,
every track creates a unique aural experience. From
the opening track, ‘Your Majesty’ that evokes the same
wistful energy one would get from Boards of Canada
to the brisk ‘Looper’ with charged guitar work, Slack
Armada is a fine entrance into the world of ambient
music. The EP is available now for via iTunes, Amazon
and GooglePlay.


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