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[MUSIC] Amelia Scalies - "I Should've Known" 

Amelia Scalies is a young girl with a mature sound 
who is poised to add her name to the ranks of those
who delineate pop music’s current flavor. All of this
is evident on her debut album, “I Should’ve Known”.
Scalies, who hails from Pennsylvania, is only fourteen
but has been writing and performing her own music
since she was ten. Her musical talent has seen her
perform all over the Northeastern United States.
Amelia’s hard work has gotten her set up to release
this debut album with confidence.

I Should’ve Known covers a wide array of musical
influences all culminating in what makes Scalies’
sound so rich. ‘Phoenix’ cascades through the ears
like a slow rainfall with Scalies’ strident vocals and
a simple layer of lead guitars that frame rather than
overpower. ‘Don’t Let Them Win’ is notable not only
for the throbbing pace but for its message; the song
was written for those children who have borne the
brunt of bullying as a rallying cry against it. ‘Bottom
Of The Ocean’ is a wrenching ode about loneliness
and its depths. Amelia even pulls off a cover of
the My Chemical Romance’s hit’ ‘Welcome To the
Black Parade’. I Should’ve Known is a capable and
enthralling debut from a singer who’s got a lot to
offer the pop world. Her album’s available now! 

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