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Carmen Beretta - Go

Carmen Beretta is a unique persona in the music industry in
that she's an accomplished veteran(being the youngest member
of the New York City Children's Choir and releasing a debut album
in 2007) and at the same time, a rising star. But then again, few
have the passion for music as well as the skill of being a singer
and songwriter that she has. Ms.Beretta, currently a member of
the group known as The Ones, is still making music on her own
and we've got her latest single for you. 'Go' is a delicate but
powerful ballad about the soaring feeling of love, one that fits in
well with the early softness of the summer season. Carmen's
voice has the combination of soul and a bit of that upbeat R&B
reflected in every note, and the production by Bruce Yi of Hear
Yi Productions(our inaugural Unspoken Heard member) gives her
enough solid ground with some good boom-bap and at the same
time frames her vocals with gentle melodies. Check out the track
and we'll think it'll make you get that spring in your step.



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