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Broom Jumper

Yup, the kid is taking himself off the market. No more Destro. (Manifesto inside joke)
No more clubs with more rub than a strip club. I’m settling down. It’s not been that
hard being I’ve been in serious relationships in the past few years. What’s hard is
planning this celebration.

What has become painfully obvious is that Black matrimony has very limited resources.
Call it the haze of new beginnings, but I actually was stoked to go out and do research
on how to do this day my way. I went to my closest bookstore to search out books, mags,
manuals on the subject and found nothing to no avail.  I realized there is not much of a
market for brothers who genuinely embrace this milestone. Damn. You mean I gotta go
it alone?!?!? Hell yes. Thus, it leads me to this….I’m letting you bums into the mind of a
black man about to get hitched. The truth. And yes ladies,  my betrothed is cool with me
writing this. So stay tuned.


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