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Black Love?

The new year brought in a new birth for the premier couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. With
it, as what has become the norm, came commentary from every person with posable
thumbs. Some positive, but mostly negative. It ranged from their use of the maternity
ward to the name of their child. To me it’s understood that if you are a celebrity your
life is pretty much public fodder. Given the circumstances and after reading the
commentary on their new family member. I think the floor rental was justified.
I’ve heard so many rumors and nasty comments against them they might as well
had the baby on the moon. But then there’d be a rumor of the baby being a Martian. 
What happened to black love? We were once proud of it. It is the elusive Bigfoot
when seen we point and call it a monster.

The bond between woman and man and  raising a family has become a rarity.
So much so that we don’t know how to react when a black couple that really like each
other are present. Behind their back we use words like downlow or whipped. We bring
up the couples past relationships. We actively sabotage black love.  I guess my question
is where is the love for the love of others? Do you hate yourself that much that when
two people love each other you must spit fire at them? Maybe a lil more Marvin Gaye
and less Trey Songs in the approach to love. The aggressive pursuit of booty and nothing
more attitude shows that their is a part of human nature that we are afraid to tap
Love is vulnerability. And vulnerability is eaten alive in our communities. We have cannibalized
the love we give not realizing that there will be none left.

Black love…  dying of starvation. 

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