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GTFOOHWTBS Awards 2011

10- Rebecca Black - A firm example of how brilliant young Americans are. Pop radio ran this song into submission. And teenage girls ate it up. But by doing this they birthed yet another celebutante. Bravo geniuses.

9-Kim Kardashian - Speaking of celebutantes, our favorite big booty brother lover Kim K tied the knot and was then divorced a lil’ under three months. The whole mega million dollar wedding was just a ploy to get money and recognition. Wow. Kim you could’ve just fuct Brandon Jacobs on the MetLife 50 yard line.

8- Ray J - This dude is so lame I dug deep in my past known slang bank and brought back the word Herb just to describe this mofo. Why u making up shit about smacking Fab?  Then have the nerve to preach on how you got goons? Listen man. There is no need. Keep your threats to the yacht club pool boys and concierge.

7- The Republican Party
Obama says yes we can. They say no you can’t. He says health care for everyone. They say let them die. He says let’s rebuild our own country. They say, ‘with who’s money?’ He says pancakes are delicious they say I’d rather eat sardines and sanka. He says we are all Americans they say go back to your country darkie.

6-The Democratic party
They just say, “Yes pledge master may I have another?” You red bummed sadists. Grow a sack will ya?!

5-Rap beats that go nowhere. Oh my dear lord. If I have to hear another song that has cinematic over hyped intros that lead into a two note loop I will off myself.

4- The LA judicial system. So you are telling me with a expensive lawyer I can get out of jail for anything short of murder. Really?  If this isn’t abuse of the system I don’t know what is. And the funny thing is people are ok with this. Jail time works for Lindsey. Shit she hasn’t been in a movie in 3 years and she got the Playboy cover.

3-OWS.  I was riding for you guys. I was there the first day you showed up in Zuccotti. I have video of the barechested hippie chicks screaming to take back Wall Street. But alas,the movement fizzled as quickly as it began. Where’s your Ghandi, your Dr. King? You do need a leader or martyr. These fat cats will not take you seriously.

2-Tebowing. Wtf. When did kneeling in reverence to the Lord become equated to Tim Tebow. Just because this ultra Christian QB is the face of the Conservative America? Tebow I like you, but I can name at least 7 QBs  better than you. And not for nothing you should be pissed they are calling your kneeling Tebowing. Isn’t that false idol worship? Jus’ saying.

1- Love & Hip Hop/Basketball Wives phenomenon
If there is anything that can set a people back as a whole, it’s these two shows. Premise: get catty Black women together in a confined area, make them interact, record and air the calamity. The many defenders of this show love it because of the drama and “characters”. I see it yet another way to portray us as volatile,hot tempered,sex driven individuals. Hey it makes for good TV though. The formula has even spilled over into other reality genres. Find two black women that don’t like each other and let them fight it out. Oh well, I guess we need something to watch while we are all on the couch after being turned down for work because of an image assessment. Guilty by association? Naaaaah.

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    GTFOOHWTBS Awards 2011 - The Stress Test - A lifestyle magazine dedicated to the arts - @ManifestoMag
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    GTFOOHWTBS Awards 2011 - The Stress Test - A lifestyle magazine dedicated to the arts - @ManifestoMag
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    GTFOOHWTBS Awards 2011 - The Stress Test - A lifestyle magazine dedicated to the arts - @ManifestoMag

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