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Ok so I have a habit of taking vacation time at the last minute forcing me to make a lot of last minute plans. Somehow still I manage to have an awesome time whether im stuck in the hood or on a beach somewhere. If you follow these steps I can guarantee a good time.

1-Always watch the deals on online travel sites
I troll the last minute deals cause I'm constantly vacation dreaming. This use of "downtime" at work will season you for potential costs, and destinations. You can get a great idea on what is within your financial reach. When you see a good deal you can then make an educated choice on a trip.

2-Compare travel sites with Airline Sites
Always compare the price of travel packages, especially between say a cheaptickets and an airline. Airlines give great packages including hotel and flight. Now is a great time to do so because the flights are expensive. They need a draw and get a bigger share of profit if they book directly with customers than going through a travel site.

3-Open Your Horizons
I can't tell you how many people I meet who don't travel just because they never been outside the five boroughs. It is sad actually. If within your budget, see the places you heard about in geography class. The world is huge. Shit... The US is HUGE!!! If the out of country trip is not your thing, explore America. Find a personal interest and then find the US epicenter. Like comics? Go to Comicon. Like Cars? Go to a car show out of town? The trip will calm and satisfy at the same time.  It's doing something that YOU want to do makes the trip. .

Explore your  city. Granted I live in NYC and I can practically find different recreational activities everyday nonstop for a month and a half. Admittedly I'm numb to it all. One day I decided to do something about it.  I got a manhattan hotel, bought a I <3 NY tee and hit the streets. It was surprisingly fun as shit. Caught some shows, attractions and anything a tourists would do. The key is do what your town is famous for. If it is cow tipping...find the best farm.

I am a chronic vacation story listener. Where'd you go? Where are you goin?  The other day I heard of a quirky town in Arizona where burros roam free in the streets due to an old mining mishap. All I kept thinking was, " I gotta see this shit!". Not saying you should follow me into East Bubblefuck, but just tying something different can be inexpensive and story worthy.

The key here is to do you. Make YOU happy at the budget you are allowed. And explore for godsake. You only have one go on this marble, sheesh.

-- Posted Live From The Outside World.

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