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I am an outcast. A stuck up do gooder. I’ve never been a “player”. I never held
down a block. I never felt a need go to the local watering hole and buy the latest
liquor concoction. ( Shouts out to the Diddy and the Coco Loso). Yet I am still able
to function as a member of the hood. Desperately trying to help a community that
at times doesn’t want to change. Funny still . I am a firm believer of the “do you”
concept. Its a free country, do what you wanna. Only you as an individual can take
the brunt of the consequences of your actions.

Still, i can’t help but feel that full understanding of the outcomes are not seen. 
Maybe just not heeded.  Why would you want to go to jail or be eternally
linked to a less than desirable person through the bond of wedlock? Are you
just waiting for death? It’s sad when coming up you feel ashamed or not part
of the crowd when your parents are STILL together.

Who plants these ideas? Why are they so widely accepted?

Why are these views seen in my community as a rite of passage?

Why is this status quo?

Here’s a few things you should ask yourself if you are a “victim of the hood”.

1-Why is there so much garbage in the hood? Is it that the sanitation dept
forgets your block or is it because you and a pal discarded a half eaten
carton of Chinese food on the street?

2-Why do so many Koreans and Arabs have corner store biz? Is it because
they won’t give you a small biz loan or is your ego too big to serve your
community as a lowly store owner?

3-Does seeding up chicks make you a man? Everyone loves sex but how
many times do we have to hear the condom broke? Really? REALLY?

4-Are you getting blooded up and raising blood drops for the sake of your
peers or is it for the benefit of your child? If it is for protection please let
me know from who? It will not be from themselves.

5- ( This is a doozey ) Why do you blame the white man for all your
problems? Why are you reactive instead of proactive if his knee is on
your neck? Don’t talk about it be about it.

If you can’t answer these questions without getting upset or ready to
fight congratulations you are going to jail for selling your baby mama
drugs while drunk off of Coco Loso. The trifecta! If you genuinely want
change it starts with one not following the Status Quo. Man up! Do you!

— Posted Live From The Outside World

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