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The Donald

The following blog was written in a fit of rage after watching the news or
whatever you call it today. They say they are responsible reporters. Let's
see. This is Stress' view and does not entirely reflect the views of other
members of this site. But if they agree, so be it.

Out of all people I didn't expect one of the premier entrepreneurs of our
generation to be a birther. For those not familiar,  a Birther is a term
to describe the people of this country who still believe Barack Obama
was not born in this country. Donald Trump, in his attempt to test the
waters for a possible presidential run, has been on any show that will
give his hair piece airtime, tackling such tough issues as this and the
Iraq war. He is determined to right the US back on the path of hope,
freedom, and trickle down economics. More recently, he was quoted
saying he had a good relationship with "the blacks". (LOL)  I quickly
rewound the DVR to make sure I heard it correctly. What is this 1971?
 The Blacks? Who are the blacks? What good relationship have you had
with them other than in boxing in your casinos or cleaning your villa?
Pardon me Mr. Trump but fuck you!  Do me a favor, keep on with your
1 percent class hysteria. Keep opening your mouth telling on yourself
and your warped ideals. We will see you for the man you are.

Ps Curtis Sliwa you get the dick for saying Trump's use of the term
"The Blacks" is a "non issue". Eventhough you did dismiss him as an
attention seeker, it's people like you who help ( i said help, because
I know this can be used against me) perpetuate the negative sociological
dogma that is being attached to "the blacks". I hope they shoot that
Gotti movie on your mothers block you waste.

-- Posted Live From The Outside World

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