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The Voice Of The People.

The voice of the people.

That term has been used so much that the voice is really a caw in a
flock of birds. Bloggers with inferiority complexes, hipsters on
gorilla, and dudes that just need a hug are behind some of the most
poignant commentary and Freedom of Speech speeches. In this age of
self generated information everyone has the power to start movements
and well as end them. With this year quickly coming to an end the masses
flock to their friend, the pc to purchase and stay in touch. Believe it or
not we are in a historic era in human history. The Information Age. Never
before was it possible to share the level of info across the globe.  But to
what end? What aim? What target ?

Let’s take the OWS movement. The settlers in Zucotti Park organized
mostly via social networking. The like minded protestors got together
and rallied for 40+ days for various causes from the abuse of the 99%
to the corruption of the US Corrections policy. While well motivated and
carried out, it quickly got out of hand with the infiltration of anarchist
nut jobs and just plain homeless dudes looking for a place to blend in.
I saw how the message of unfair treatment of the middle and lower class
turned into a circus of anyone who had a beef with the government for
any reason. The scene looked like a living comments portion of a online
news story. Commentary outshining the main objective which was giving t
he common American a fair economic shake.

It is a sign of the times. The look at me generation. The I’m
special generation. The I shouldn’t feel defeat generation. It’s a
crop of self righteous, legend in your own mind, cry babies. Do you
really think that you make a difference? Then ask yourself to what
level of your comfortability Are you willing to sacrifice ?  Your
cable subscription? Your Mac book pro? It takes more than snarky
comments on blogs and markered signs.
With the spread of ideas comes the responsibility of cultivating the seeds
you plant. If not you are an absentee parent letting your ideas run amuck. 
You are actively negligent in thinking that others will hold your idea in the
same reverence that you envisioned.  You are part of the problem. This not
to spur commentary. This is written to spark action. So get from behind your
signs and blogs,  find a focus, and stick to it.

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