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I got a beef and it’s two tier. Its something I’ve noticed even as a lil dude navigating Zoo York. It’s an attitudinal epidemic in which people who think they should have a right to exercise. What is it? Let’s just call it Stank. Stank is when you are at a bus stop with a young lady you don’t know and upon you two catching each others glance she give you the “ew stop looking at me” face. Thus triggering a “wtf” response from most men who just happen to be in your line of sight.

Ok. I know you are probably reading this thinking, ” oh dis n***a got hurt feelings or something. ” Couldn’t be further from the truth. My only reason for being a bit “what the fucky” about this is that most of the chicks that participate in this practice are fuckin beat up. Is this your only defense mechanism? Do you really think every guy you meet wants to slide up in it? Let’s be real, as a man there is hardly anything you wouldn’t do. But tastes vary. Just because old Mr Johnson from 11B perv-hugs you every morning doesn’t mean we all want your dusty ass.

The epidemic is at critical mass ladies and gentlemen. A colleague of mine had it done to him by a preteen! I blame two things. Chickenhead mothers and thirsty men. Chickenhead mothers are pretty much self explanatory. No chicken or the egg riddle here. But to those palm lovin, slack jaw, pedophiles… you fucking up the game. You know, the dudes who hit on women/girls making it look innocent but have the wolf’s grin. Thinking ” maybe if I get her to talk a bit longer I can get those drawers. ”  No Man! You are working these dusty broads up into a perpetual Stank which is aimed and focused at any male that looks in their direction. Stop gassing the Stank.

So there are two things you should take from this:

A) If you are a female and you give out the Stank eye, have a convo with yourself and ask ,”was he really tryna get at me?” If you are unable to do so….well….Stank you very much, have a miserable life. Trust me I’ll remember your actions but forget you as a person.

B) if you spend most of your day chatting up chicks before the got to school or work at the bus stops, you are fueling the machine. Stop gassing.

Let’s prevent the Stank Starr!

PS: On an unrelated topic, I am actively pursuing a mandate to reinstate the term “Herb” to hip hop nomenclature. Its sole purpose is to describe the singer known as Ray J.

— Posted Live From The Outside World

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