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"Runaway" Review

This Saturday MTV aired Kanye's flashy, artistic "Runaway" mini
movie/video.  In it Kanye plays himself ( ha ) in a story in which
he finds a fallen Phoenix. Of course no one but him sees the ball of
fire before it hits the ground, because he out in Europe somewhere
driving the country side. Gotta love rappers. Anywho, the phoenix
turns out to be a smoking hot model who loves nature and moving
erotically to the musical stylings of Mr. West. Yes.... Mr West wifes her.
The video then takes a turn to the nature of humans in dealing with 
things that are new and different. People stop and stare at them as
a couple. One acquaintance even suggests to Kanye to keep her with
her kind. This and other dialogue, which was scarce, reinforced the
theme of mankind destroying things that are different. Clearly reflecting
Mr. West's thoughts of himself and the world over the last year's events.

One analogy that caught me was the phoenix's explanation of why she
has to leave. She said that the statues were Phoenix that turn into stone.
At first I said to myself, "What is this bitch talking bout?" Then I started to
think. Most statues on earth are memorials to trailblazers of a certain time.
Usually trailblazers in life are ridiculed, punished, or even beaten or killed.
It not until years after their death that they become great in stature by a
majority. We as humans erect monuments to give them the praise or love
they deserved in life. Take the scene with the Michael Jackson float in the
parade. It was tribute to a man who was different and was persecuted
most of his adult life even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found.
That fact has not changed even after death.

Artistically the video had it's moments of Hype Williamsness. ( Shit I wish
I can cue an explosion to walk away from without turning back. Just once.)
I was most impressed with the title track "Runaway". The use of the ballerinas
was superior. I have a knew found respect for ballerinas. Their movements
and choreography stretched the limits of your senses as you try to figure out
if they are really moving in slow motion or if it is a camera trick. Either way
the sheer talent caught on film was graceful as it was forceful. Two thumbs
up for that. As far as Kanyes acting, well if he could have kept to just facial
expressions and stayed away from dialog, it would have not such a campiness
towards the end. Loosen up fam.

In all it was a strong outing and I would like to see Kanye do more films. He
does have an eye for style and imagery. One suggestion...story development.
I understood the story but the transitions were a bit rough. A tighter timeline,
fore-fronting cause and effect could could have made this strong outing a classic.
Verdict.....Feed Me!

Ps - If you are wondering that is a good thing.

-- Posted Live From The Outside World

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