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We Are Ferguson, Missouri.

Photo Credit: ANSWER

By now, you no doubt know of the murder of young
Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last Saturday.
While the officer who shot him has been identified 
as Darrell Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department,
Officer Wilson has not been brought up on charges.
The incensed people of Ferguson have been protesting
loudly and visibly which is their right. They have been
met with an openly mocking and hostile police force
that resembles a paramilitary force plucked from a
Call Of Duty video game. The people of Ferguson have
been beset with tear gas, smoke, and rubber bullets.
The news journalists on the ground from multiple
outlets both major and independent have been
gassed, arrested and threatened. It is oppressive and
reprehensible behavior. Behavior that happens as
night falls. Without the power of social media outlets
such as Twitter primarily among others, without
citizen journalists setting up livestreams, without the
people rising up and telling every detail from the outset,
without the courage of the people of Ferguson, Michael
Brown may have been swept aside. We here at Manifesto
feel that justice must be done. Michael could’ve been our
friend. Our brother, cousin. Our son. And so, we ask our
readers to keep their eyes on Ferguson and all that is
taking place. Below, we’ve listed some info so that if
you feel the need to lend some support you can.

For supporting the protesters on the ground:

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
33 N Clay Ave Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-521-0138
Food Pantry
Needs boxed meals & non-perishables 

TWIBnation is fully independent talk radio.
They’ve already been down to Ferguson and
have linked up with folks down there earlier
this week. They’re dedicated to providing  
fully accurate and detailed of what’s taking 
place down there. They’ve also got a link for
donations to protesters on the front lines as
well here:

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