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This is one of those old movies that is so powerful you wonder how it even got
made. ‘tick…tick…tick..’ is an MGM film from 1970, with Jim Brown as the lead
character, Jim Price, the newly elected sheriff of a small Southern town. George
Kennedy plays John Little, the man he replaces due to an election that saw all
of the Black people vote Price in. The film goes on to show all of the tension that
both men endure in the town, tension that seems to build and build to a possible

‘tick…tick…tick’ is a heavily underrated flick. It covered the complexities of racial
relations in a straightforward, sometimes brusque manner. This was Jim Brown’s
ninth film, and one where he was well established as a credible star and also 
as a Black leading man who was more virile in manner than others prior. What’s
interesting is that there are some who consider this film a contributor to the rise
of the blaxploitation genre. George Kennedy is outstanding as John Little, who
struggles with losing his job and the jeers of the townfolk - even the little kids.
Look out for another former NFL player turned actor, Bernie Casey here as well.
Even Fredric March, in his last acting role ever, appears here as the mayor. One
major flaw is that this movie is NOT available anywhere except Warner Brothers’
online archives. It’s a flaw because this movie still has enough weight to matter
today. ‘tick…tick…tick’ is commentary that will make you think long after the
clock stops. 

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