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Song: Pharcyde - Drop (Dilla Week 2011)

1995. The Pharcyde were at a crossroads as they
released their second album, Labcabincalifornia.
Infighting had led to the group's split with J-Swift,
producer of the first album. That moment brought
about another step in the rise of a brand new
producer out of Detroit...Jay Dee. It would be a
couple of years before he took on the moniker of
J Dilla, but the same pristine production was there.
'Drop' itself is both an ode to the irreverance that
made The Pharcyde famous but also new ground
that further showcased each member's lyricism.
Clever insertion of a Beastie Boys sample within
the hook balanced out with a deceptively simple
but catchy boom bap makes the track all the more
magnetic, so much that when Spike Jonze did the
now famous music video, it made 'Drop' one of the
more memorable songs that year. Think about that
the next time you see the standard rap video these

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