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Song: J Dilla - 'Think Twice' (Dilla Week 2011)

In 2003, the world got to finally go one on one
with J Dilla thanks to BBE Records' Beat Generation
series. Welcome to Detroit became a hip-hop staple,
one that played well in clubs as well as the streets.
A track that stood out for many was 'Think Twice', a
short gem full of aged spirit not unlike a glass of
Johnnie Walker Black. A quick homage to jazz pioneer
Donald Byrd's release of the same name, this song
featuring Dwele is rich and mellow. You can't help
but feel at ease once it begins. The key element that
many didn't realize until afterwards was that it wasn't
Dwele singing, but DILLA. While he was puffing on a
joint at that. Dwele played the piano and performed
on trumpet. Few realized that Dilla had a singing voice.
Consider that yet another facet of the treasure his
musical ability was.

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