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Song: Ghostface Killah - Whip You With a Strap(Dilla Week 2011)

When Ghostface's Fishscale dropped in 2006, it
was to great appeal on the streets. 'Whip You With A
Strap' helped stoke the buzz beforehand due to it being
one of two tracks J Dilla produced before passing away
earlier in the year. Ghostface's matter-of-fact delivery
and gift for layered storytelling in this song about his
childhood and his take on how children are raised now
shine all the more brightly with such a mellow backdrop
Dilla created. The beat had been made before, and was
entitled 'One For Ghost' off of Donuts; combined with a
Luther Ingram sample, each subsequent note drips like
honey and stirs up warm memories. Just the way good
music should.

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