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Bar/Lounge: Policy

1904 14th Street NW
Washington, DC


Any place that gets jam packed before 11 PM on a Saturday night
usually carries the hallmark of greatness. Policy, a new addition to
the U Street Corridor scene fits the bill. The restaurant and lounge
has its own separate dance floor upstairs, which saw a steady
stream of people from the time our review party arrived until we
left. The decor is a mix between uptown opulence with ornate
chandeliers and downtown hipster with red leather booths and
opaque black walls. As we overheard one person say, 'This place
could've been in 'American Psycho' as a set.' Policy does have a
funky, trendy feel to it without being too over the top.

That's not to say there weren't drawbacks, however minor they
were. One was the overcrowding caused by the opening of the
second floor. People spilled into an already crowded aisle next to
our booth which made it difficult for servers and patrons alike
to move freely. And the DJ that night was in a word, horrible.
His reckless, mismatched play threw people off and made us
scratch our heads at times. The saving grace was Policy's staff,
courteous and efficient even in stressful circumstances. And
their menu boasts a selection of small plates by Chef Brian
Murphy that go well with an extensive drink menu. All in all,
Policy is a nice place to go to experience the trendy side of
DC nightlife.

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