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Restaurant: Miracle Grill

Miracle Grill
222 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

For those who miss the old Miracle Grill in Greenwich
Village, take comfort in the fact that this location is still
open and does grand business. The dining area opens out
onto the main vein of Park Slope, 7th Avenue and gives
you the feeling of being out somewhere in Phoenix, or
El Paso for that matter. Their menu boasts both
traditional and more innovative dishes, such as Blue
Corn Fried Chicken Tacos and Scrambled Eggs Fajitas.
On our last visit, we had a chance to sample the
Chicken Tortilla Pie and were enamored with the tasty
contrast between the red and green chile sauces
and the savory chicken all covered in Monterey Jack
cheese. The drink selection boasts caipirinhas as well
as fresh fruit margaritas and a neat little concoction
called ‘Blueberry Lemonade’. Miracle Grill also boasts
great happy hour specials and is a hotspot for brunches.
On your next sojourn through Park Slope, stop in and
smell the Southwest.

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