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Restaurants: Candela Candela

Courtesy of Noah Kalina

Candela Candela
92 Second Avenue (between 5th and 6th Streets)
Manhattan, NY 10003

When you think of the merger between Italian and Cuban
cuisine, you wonder how successful it could be. Thankfully,
Candela Candela proves to be a good mix. Although in truth
it leans more towards Italian cuisine, there is enough Cuban
influence…especially when it comes to the drinks. Their
mojitos are a choice specialty of the house. A recent outing
found a rustic setting not unlike what one would expect in
Tuscany. The food was, in a word, sublime with its flavor
and presentation. The chicken milanese held its tangy taste
with each bite and the whole wheat gnocchi was so good it
was almost gone immediately!! The service was superb and
there was no inclination to rush people out of the door. All
in all, Candela Candela is a nice choice if you want an elegant
yet languid dining experience.

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