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[VIDEO] 7evenThirty - 'The Problem'

Mello Music Group repper 7evenThirty
drops heat with assistance from Gensu
Dean on this track sharing the title of
his new album. Below are his thoughts
on the track and video:

“The Problem” was written prior to Ferguson and edited during the peak of protests in Missouri and speaks to the continuing problem facing so many American communities even in 2014 “F*ck is these police on/theme song must be who shot ya/playing victim what you want a Oscar/grant me a pass Mr. Officer/I’m face down in the mainstream why you pull the trigger to my back/the problem is that the problem ain’t rap/can you help me articulate that.”

“The Problem” is SP1200 Jedi Gensu Dean’s first foray into live instrumentation and he sets a perfect canvas for 7evenThirty to espouse on police brutality, stand your ground, gentrification and mainstream media’s coverage of Hip-Hop; turning “The Problem” into a news crawl of current events “And they claiming stand your ground/when you ain’t never had no ground/to stand on/ cause the place you call home they can come and tear that down/and quick to put some nice shit and raise the prices and make it where you can’t afford/they wanna make it like they discovered your shit/ain’t that some hoe shit boy.”

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