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[MUSIC] Eligh - 'Pac-Man'

In the midst of working on his latest album,
80Hitz, the Living Legends member dropped
this track and had this to say:

“I wrote this song for my upcoming album, 80Hrtz many
months ago. This album isn’t finished yet, but I can’t sit by
and not share this song with you all right now. The paranoia,
bigotry, ignorance, and gang mentality being displayed by police
over and over again in this country makes me nauseous.

I wrote this song about being ignorant to my friend’s
feelings of fear, and hatred towards the police, being the
one white kid in the group most of the time. I sampled
the movie “Colors” where the main officer was nicknamed
“Pac-Man” by the neighborhood folks he terrorized.

This song is dedicated to every person angered and
saddened by the events unfolding in Ferguson. An
American city, under siege by its own Police force.
Black people under siege, once again. Racism, alive
and well. My love to everyone in pain over this madness.”

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