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[CAUSE] Chance The Rapper Wants YOU To Help Him #SaveChicago

Photo Credit: NY Post

Here’s a news story WORTH repeating over 
and over again. Chance The Rapper, with the
assistance of his father who’s a solid community
organizer and others, helped stop the violence
to a remarkable degree in Chicago this past
weekend. Check out the full story in his words
below. And spread the word about #SaveChicago.

“when i was in LA My pops asked me to help with a project.
He was tryin to get Community Org’s in CHI to prevent every
murder on Memorial Day. He had talked to Churches, Schools,
Outreach Prog’s and Business’s, trying to get them to commit
to saving every life possible yesterday. The plan was to get these
mass numbers of people out on street corners Friday night with
posters and banners with the plea “#SAVECHICAGO.” His plan
was to get radio stations like @WGCI and @Power92Chicago to
say “PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN CHICAGO” every hour on the hour
the wk before. all he asked of me was to say something on social
media. and so i did ambiguously through tweets that hinted at
an album, or a song #MAY23rd. And even though i was outta
town i checked in constantly. come to FIND OUT WE WENT 42
not one reported shooting from the day before we stepped on those
corners til the day after–/76272/ … and when monday came this is what happened,0,6608509.story … Read that from top to bottom and then come help us #SaveChicago” [via @ChanceTheRapper] 

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