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[Video] Three Men 'Base Jump' From New York’s Freedom Tower

Four men climbed the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in New York City at 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, 2013. Three of them parachuted down while one kept a lookout — and they’ve got footage to prove it. They slipped didn’t slip pass the “2013 Security Officer of the Year”, like a New Jersey teen did, but all of them still got in quite easily. According to 33-year old Andrew Rossig, one of the parachutists, the security was almost non-existent — they just walked into the building.

“It’s supposed to be the most secure building in the world. God forbid it was somebody else getting in there with a real intention to harm New Yorkers,” he said.

It pretty crazy that security is not at its best at WTC of all places, but at least this time, these fools were just trying to put their life, and not others in jeopardy.


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