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[Video] Talib Kweli Talks about J Dilla's Career On Juan Epstein

Leading up to this weekend’s celebration ‘NY Loves Dilla’ for the late Hip Hop producer J Dilla at New York City’s Webster Hall, Talib Kweli stopped by the Juan Epstein show to talk about Jay Dee’s life and career and the changes to New York’s Hip Hop scene since the early 1990s.

 “To be fair, and I spent some time thinking about this, the people who love Dilla—there’s a lot of people who hopped on the Dilla bandwagon, but I mean if you’re gonna hop on a bandwagon, that’s a good bandwagon to hop on,” Kweli said. “Dilla was revered before he passed. There are certain people who are revered before they pass. Dilla was a legend before he passed, it was just his passing at such a young age cemented it.”

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