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[Music] Who did It Better: Ross or Biggie? – 'Nobody'

The Rick Ross & Biggie comparisons have existed since the very beginning. So what do you think?
Are both songs equally good?  Is one clearly better?  I will say this, when you cover an artists’
last song, and drop your new album five days before (March 9th) when he passed away, you’re gonna
get scrutinized whether you like it or not.  Honestly, I never liked Puffy’s version over the original on
‘Life After Death,’ but I won’t lie, 90’s Puffy talking shit on this remake, is pretty freaking hilarious though. lol

“Nobody,” features Diddy and French Montana and is off Ross’ upcoming album, “Mastermind,”
dropping March 4th.

Rick Ross ft Diddy & French Montana – ‘Nobody’

The Notorious B.I.G. – ‘You’re Nobody’ (Til Somebody Kills You) The “Original” pre-album version produced by Jiv Pos & Dj Enuff

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