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[Video] Put This On: Meet the ‘Lo Heads with Dallas Penn

Before the success of “The Lo End Theory” an event put together by Dallas Penn last year, joining all the Lo Heads, and all things Ralph Lauren, he was breaking down the history behind the movement with the fashion web series Put This On.

He goes into his personal collection, “Lo Goose On The Deuce” and the impact on NYC culture, although one vital thing was absent, the fact that it all started in Brooklyn, but maybe it was edited out. I’m sure Dallas knows what time it is, so its all good. Check it out and some photos from the event, held at the Highline Ballroom in 2013.

“C.H.A.P.S. - Coulda Had A Polo Ski” – Dallas Penn

“The Lo End Theory.” event at The Highline Ballroom, 2013.

Dallas Penn at The Highline Ballroom, 2013.

Photography (c) .12ozprophet
(c) Put This On

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