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[MUSIC] Brother Ali - 'Left In The Deck'

Brother Ali is on tour with Immortal Technique, and before
that jumped off, he decided to bless folks with a brand new
project produced by Jake Uno. In his own words..

“Left In The Deck” is a collection of 10 raw, grimy recordings made
in basements and hotel rooms around the world. This demo-tape style
release was produced entirely by Jake One. It hasn’t been polished up
for the market or cleaned for the radio. These songs were left in their
original demo form and are intended only for my family of direct supporters.
The beats are grimy and I feel like this is some of the best rhyming
I’ve ever captured on tape. I want to release this directly to you.”

The album is available for sale at any of the ‘War & Peace’ 
tour dates, peep the flyers below.


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