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[Video] Miles Davis & John Coltrane - 'So What' (1959 Live Video)

Today we salute a true genius in the music world.  One whose “Trane” went out & over the tracks for the very last time, on this very day many years ago. Here @Manifesto we wanted to celebrate this man’s legacy with one his classic collaborative performances.  John William Coltrane (September 23, 1926 to July 17, 1967) you truly inspired us all, rest in POWER.

On April 2, 1959, producer Robert Herridge recorded the Miles Davis Quintet playing the classic “So What” in CBS studio 61, New York City. The piece was taped for an episode of the Robert Herridge Theater, titled “The Sound of Miles Davis.” CBS broadcast the show on July 21, 1960, and here it is.


Miles Davis: Trumpet
John Coltrane: Tenor Sax
Wynton Kelly: Piano
Paul Chambers: Double Bass
Jimmy Cobb: Drums

Live Video from April 1959 of Miles Davis and John Coltrane performing “So What.” From Miles Davis’ album,Kind Of Blue. 

**Fun Fact: The actor Dennis Hopper, in an interview in 2008 with Men’s Journal, claims that Davis named the song after intellectual conversations with Hopper, in which Hopper would reply, “So what?”

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