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[MUSIC] Jon Connor 'Unconscious State' Artwork + Tracklist

Flint, Michigan in the house one mo’ gin as Jon Connor gets
set to drop his latest album, Unconscious State July 2nd. Peep
the tracklist below and pre-order on iTunes.

1. Unconscious State Prelude (July 2 JBK)
2. Unconscious State
3. Take the World (feat. Lia Mack, Lyric Da Queen & Jenna Noelle)
4. Connor 25:17
5. The Sarah Song (Tour Life the Sequel)
6. Michigan $#!* (feat. Royce Da 5’9)
7. Over & Over
8. F’N Right (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
9. When I Was Young (feat. Chris Webby & Smoke DZA)
10. Under Oath
11. In My Sleep (feat. Tito Lopez & Chelsea Blare)
12. 2 Week Notice
13. The Porn Song (feat. D.Wayne & Chelsea Blare)
14. Let Us Pray (feat. Willie Da Kid & 40 Da Great)
15. Rise Up (feat. Talib Kweli)
16. This Time (feat. Kevin George, Craig Owens, Yobi & Jenna Noelle)
17. Judge & Jury
18. My Life (feat. Justin Daye & Caas Swift)
19. Vodka & Weed (feat. Danny Brown)
20. Running Away (feat. Jenna Noelle)
21. American Pie (feat. Lia Mack)
22. Outro 

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