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[MUSIC] Elzhi's Kickstarter Campaign

Detroit’s own Elzhi is coming out with a new 
album, but this time via Kickstarter. In his own
words below:

‘Over the past couple of years people have been asking
me for new music. I know it’s been a while since I’ve dropped
something for you, and I appreciate all of the continuing
support and patience that you have showed me over my
career. I’ve already passed on a few record deals, and I’ve
partnered with the GLOW365 alliance because we truly
believe that the integrity of the music comes first. I have
always been a believer in being a leader and trendsetter.
The music I make comes strictly from me and how I feel,
and I will never sacrifice who I am to conform to a trend.
This new record is no different.’

Support that man here: 

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