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Video: Self Scientific w/Freddie Gibbs and Krondon - "Peaceful"

This stirring video is a commentary on police brutality with
images from the Rodney King assault to the beating that
killed Oscar Grant last year. Directed by The ICU. Here's
words from Chace Infinite on the impetus behind the track:

We support the people’s desire to retaliate, but we also understand
that these actions often lead to us destroying the communities we
live in. The 1992 Revolt changed the collective conscious of an entire
generation, but some the landscape has never recovered from the destruction.
The locations used in this video illustrate the decay that exists long after
the statement is made. Billions have been spent on the redevelopment
of Los Angeles but the areas that were effected most have yet the benefits.
We tore this muthafucka up, and they never rebuilt. Who got the last laugh?
Fuck The Police, but don’t destroy The Community. Peaceful.

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