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Los Angeles: Con Con Patois

(photo by Pascal Giacomini)


From the official press release:

Experience art from the places you love and dream about loving…
Con Con Patois – An Art Event! Saturday, September 25th from
6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Join Holley Willis, Cindy Urrutia and Ande Richards for an evening
of art from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Guatemala.

...Connect with the spirit of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Guatemala,
learn about the artists being exhibited and support them by embracing
their art into your lives.

Our goal, with this and future events, is to create intimate relationships
between the artists and you, the patrons, especially between those from
the Dominican Republic and Haiti as we will be visiting these countries and
bringing back art periodically throughout the year.

Some of the featured artists include: Elias Peña, John Anthony Henriquez,
Bienvenido Antigua, Aída Díaz, Joel Alberto Villalona Castillo and the photography
of Pascal Giacomini.

Con Con Patois – Con Con the good stuff at the bottom of a pot of rice
(Dominican style). Patois - any language that is considered nonstandard,
it can refer to pidgins, creoles, dialects, and other forms of native or local
speech - class distinctions are embedded in the term, drawn between those
who speak patois and those who speak the standard or dominant language
used in literature and public speaking.

Con Con Patois – An Art Event!
Galerie Lakaye
1550 N. Curson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046


This event is free.
There will be food, wine and music!
Please come to the door to retrieve your parking pass before parking

Please RSVP your attendance
Contact Ande Richards for press
inquiries or with any questions you may have.


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I really enjoyed this article. I am always trying to foster good relationships with people who can help my cause. This really breaks it down to a step by step process which is good Cartier tank watch.

December 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSherry

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