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NYC: Katherine Cleaver@BAM Rose Cinemas

If you're looking for something outside of fireworks, BBQ's and festivities,
go check one of the key figures of the Black Power movement out in
Brooklyn tomorrow at BAM Rose Cinemas.

Sun, Jul 4 at 7:15pm

Join Kathleen Cleaver, Emory Law School professor, author, and former
Communications Secretary of the Black Panther Party, and curator Kazembe
Balagun for a Q&A following a screening of William Klein's documentary
Eldridge Cleaver.

Eldridge Cleaver
Directed by William Klein

(1969) 75min

Under pressure from FBI's counterintelligence program, Black Panther
Eldridge Cleaver and his wife Kathleen left the United States for Algeria.
There, he set up the International Section of the Black Panther Party which
quickly became the hangout of revolutionaries from the Vietnamese and
African liberation movements. Klein's moving interview follows up with
Cleaver during the Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algiers, where he
expounds upon the Vietnam War and Black Power during a time when
"revolution was the main theme of the day."

BAM Rose Cinemas
General Admission: $12
BAM Cinema Club members: $8

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