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Shiny Suits and Metaphors - Chris 'Preach' Smith

Jay Electronica is now part of Roc Nation.

But if you ask others, especially on the blogs, it would seem
as if he's joined hands with Satan himself. It's even becoming
somewhat trendy to state that Jay Elec is now part of the
Illuminati. This isn't only a case of 'damned if you do, damned
if you don't' gone haywire...this is a direct look at how much
popularity can wane in an instant within today's hip-hop.

Personally, I'm not going to join the crowd who feel that Jay
Elec is now part of the New World Order because he joined
up with Jay-Z. Especially when some of the naysayers more
than likely have never read up on the subject or get their
facts from arguments in the comments section on Youtube.
Mispelled words and all. Because this is a move that had to
be made for one simple reason: he would've gone stagnant
under Sean Combs. Diddy has been dying to have an MC
just like The Notorious B.I.G. again. And Jay Elec must've
felt that with the release of 'The Ghost of Christopher
Wallace'. The song could've been so much better, should
have been so much better. But Diddy stole the stage, then
proceeded to urinate on it with almost 4 minutes of ad-libs
that ran from playful drunken bravado to gibberish. Most
notably 4 minutes and 4 seconds in. Then Jay-Z comes in
and makes the deal and Jay Elec does 'Shiny Suit Theory',
and you know the pairing of bars in that first verse was all
about depicting Diddy's guidance. And Combs did himself
no favors going off on Twitter like a jilted prom date.

I think it would be interesting to see the kind of album that
could come from Jay Electronica on Roc Nation. But this can
only happen with certain conditions. Jay-Z in his own way
can help or hinder careers. Electronica has got to put his
foot down about his vision. He needs to forge ahead with the
Dogon Society plans. He needs superb production. And he
needs to maintain that same fire he had getting here. Now is
the time where he needs it the most because a shiny suit can
blind you only for a moment...but metaphors with no weight
leaves the public with an empty feeling.