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Is Breezy Blowing in The Wind? - Chris "Preach" Smith

By now, Chris Brown has publicly apologized for his
explosive meltdown following an interview with Robin
Roberts on ABC's 'Good Morning America'. A meltdown
that resulted in Brown going nose to nose with one of
the show's producers and tossing a chair out of the
window of the dressing room into the crowded Times
Square street below, ripping his shirt off as a finale.
Not a good way to commemorate your new album.
The obvious hailstorm of questions has occurred: has
he totally lost it? Is this the beginning of the end?

There are some folks who feel that Robin Roberts had
pressed him too hard about his troubled past and assault
of Rihanna. I can understand that, especially when word
got out that she was remorseful about her strategy of
questioning even after he deflected the first question
and ABC declined to press charges. But this is the big
picture, folks...he and his team should have vehemently
said before the segment, 'We are not, NOT taking any
questions about Rihanna.' Instead, they gave the producer
the go-ahead. Big mistake. It's the media's job to pry and
dig because that's how news is made, especially daytime
talk television. Ask Kanye about his last interview with
Matt Lauer. His manager should have protected him better.
Because now, unless this album is platinum status, this is
all anyone will talk about. And Chris, take it from me: you
do NOT want to try to put yourself in the same boat as
Charlie Sheen. He SHOT one of his former girlfriends by
accident before. And he's been acting out since the '80's.

The bottom line is, this is another tantrum by Brown at the
worst time and it makes you ask if he's learned anything at
all from what he's gone through. He doesn't want to discuss
the past, but that's going to follow him for the rest of his life.
Moving forward means you learn how to face it, deal with the
tough questions and keep steppin'. This isn't the first time
Breezy has wigged out in the past two years. But it could've
been far more costly than replacing a window since he's still
serving out a 5-year probation sentence. Before he lets his
career blow away, Chris Brown needs to get his act together.
And realize that maybe the 'Demolition Man' dye job was a
BAD choice.