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Undiscovered or under appreciated, either way these are vocalists, artists, & musicians
worth getting to know.




"No Homo"

NO HOMO Movie Trailer from Soul Purpose Media on Vimeo.

You’ve heard this phrase about a thousand times at least in past years. 
“No Homo”. A couple of words used to disassociate oneself from having
their words or actions being seen as ‘gay’. Juvenile, homophobic and
popular all at once, filmmaker Goddey Asamota gives a concise synopsis
behind the film below:

“Lance Dixon and Dame Garrison are aspiring fashion designers who sell custom shirts on the streets of SoHo. Because of their love for fashion the two are consistently questioned about their sexuality. As a gag they make a shirt with NO HOMO written on the front to address their sexuality questions, and sell them at their shirt stand. One of the first shirts sold ends up in the hands of an up and coming musician who wears the shirt in a music video. The videos success catapults the two into the spotlight, and they decide to change the name of their clothing line to NO HOMO to capitalize on the success. It doesn’t take long before they become the talk of the fashion world because of their hipster street wear line. Just as their careers seem to be taking off, a gay boy is severely beating by two thugs who happen to be wearing NO HOMO T shirts.”

Definitely a film to look out for because of the subject matter… 


"Yes Chef", Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson, out and about in Harlem, New York.

Marcus Samuelsson is a well-regarded name within the culinary world for a variety
of reasons. When you get a chance to read the Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef’s
memoir, Yes Chef, the one reason that stands out most of all is, passion. There’s an
undercurrent of passion throughout the book as Samuelsson details his life story. It
is an engrossing read, one that gives you just enough of Samuelsson’s emotions and
honesty without it being too melodramatic. You get a very sober appreciation for the
life of a chef, especially one of color here. Of course, ‘Yes, Chef’ has had its criticisms,
just as Samuelsson has had and still has to a degree. The first bit of buzz it received
was due to the passage about his phone conversation with Gordon Ramsay, famous
stateside for his brash behavior and ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. One thing is certain, reading ‘Yes,
will appeal to you much like being able to recreate your favorite recipe, step by
step, page by page.


Quinta Patino Residence

Imagine having a house like this, in such a soothing setting with enough room for
a soccer field in your backyard. The Portuguese firm Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos 
has made it a reality. These photos are of a recently completed estate in the Quinta
Patino community of Estoril. Take a gander.




Mark Drew - "Deez Nuts"

Both hip-hop and comics fans will rejoice with this one. Mark Drew, an Australian-born
artist now living in Tokyo, has made his love for both into a brilliant mashup. Involving
lyrics from A Tribe Called Quest, N.W.A., Public Enemy and combining them with the
beloved artwork of Charles Schulz’ ‘Peanuts’ comic strips, “Deez Nuts” has gone from
being a self-published zine to a full on exhibition of large print canvases. All of them
are on display at the China Heights Gallery in Sydney, but here’s a couple of them just
for you.

Check out more of Mark Drew here: 


Grant Lyle - So There

For those who like their blues simmering with enough soul and a light touch of
whimsy like one finds at the cusp of a grey Sunday morning, you’ll find that Grant 
Lyle’s latest album, ‘So There’, fits the bill and then some. Hailing from Toronto,
Canada, Lyle is a seasoned musician with seven albums to date under his belt and
a slew of appearances throughout his native country as well as heavy airplay in
the United Kingdom, the US, Spain and Russia among other places. With ‘So There’,
you immediately see why that’s the case. The album is teeming with Lyle’s unique
voice and passionate guitar throughout. ‘Let It Out’ is pure roadhouse rhythm that
will have your feet tapping. ‘Levee Moan’ on first listen catapults you into bayou 
calm with Lyle’s singing coursing like beads of sweat on a cold soda bottle. ‘Librium’
gives you upbeat rock that hits you in the hip pocket. With ‘So There’, Grant Lyle
is telling you plainly about that good place he’s in with his music - and invites you
to join him. ‘So There’ is available on Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby.


Gilles Peterson's Donald Byrd Tribute Mixes

Donald Byrd’s transition and reflections on his life and music have brought about
a fair amount of tribute mixes in the days after. But we suspect that the two-part
mix offered up by the renowned British rare groove & jazz connoisseur and former
BBC Radio host Gilles Peterson is one to treasure. Take a listen below and dig for




Monks of Mellonwah - Neurogenesis

Rock and roll out of Australia, better known as Oz Rock, has been a stout
contributor to music for decades. And the Monks of Mellonwah, haling
from Sydney, are already etching their name on that renowned list. After
all, they’ve managed to win Best Indie Rock Band at the Artists In Music
Awards in Los Angeles this past year as well as perform a select US tour
off of the strength of their first EP, the highly regarded Stars Are Out. Their
latest EP, Neurogenesis, lends vital proof to that claim. For a band that
has only been together a little over three years ago, their sound is as 
rich as the the feeling one gets diving into a wave at the beach. The
title track is hard-charging, making you want to sway like grass in the
wind. ‘Neverending Spirit’, the record so popular its video blazed a trail
onto MTV with style, is a warm and hypnotic ballad that drips harmony
in every note. If you’re wanting for more from the Monks after this gem
of an EP, they are working on a brand new album due out this year. And
the world will have another reason to say ‘G’day’ with joy. 

Monks of Mellonwah - ‘Neverending Spirit’


Odessa Kane - Cuetes And Balisongs

One fact that always should be respected in hip-hop is the potential for greatness -
or wackness - that lies before an MC who steps out from being part of a known 
crew. Fortunately for Odessa Kane, it’s the former that comes to light on his 
latest EP, Cuetes And Balisongs. The title of the album is an homage to both his
Mexican and Filipino heritage and Kane ensures the heft of both weapons lies in
his lyrics here. Only the second EP after his time as part of the Masters of The 
Universe Crew, Kane spits lyrics that depict how one uses the mind and spirit to
rise above hard times relying on his own past. With ‘Chapter 6, Verse 19’ he pays
tribute to his hard-working family with lines like ‘from Tijuana Mami learned how 
make seeds out them crumbs/and Papi worked the night shift/yo it’s 2013 Papi
still works the night shift’. ‘Nino de La Tierra’ sees Odessa savage studio gangsters
in the name of spreading positivity. Cuetes and Balisongs throughout is strong on
the production side, thanks to his brother Infinity Gauntlet crafting beats that 
pulsate with Spanish guitars and edgy bass. If the goal is to let iron sharpen iron,
Odessa Kane demonstrates it well here. 

Cop the album here:


Audrey Kawasaki

The artwork of Audrey Kawasaki is akin to sunlight viewed through cotton shades
during a summer afternoon; striking in it’s definition but tender. Her portrayals of
adolescent women are gentle, daubed with coyness with just enough sensuality
to keep you riveted. Based out of her hometown of Los Angeles, California, Audrey’s
artwork has captivated many since 2005, when she struck out on her own after 
two years at Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, New York. The oil paintings on wood
bring out the rich blend of influences on her art, with the free flowing style of art
noveau and the crisp lines found in Japanese manga. Her work has been featured
in Juxtapoz magazine, and she has also done the cover for Alice Smith’s debut LP
as well as having one of her paintings featured on Kat Von D’s reality show. Rest
assured that Audrey Kawasaki’s work will linger on the palate of your spirit for
quite some time. 


Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality (Remixed Double LP)

It is a definite fact that some good music comes from a merging of worlds you
wouldn’t think would go well together. That axiom comes to life again thanks
to Chords of Truth, the brainchild of folk singer Jason Garriotte. Driven by an 
innate sense of reflection, the Clemson, South Carolina native wanted to make
music that compelled the listener to begin the deep journey of self-inquiry. And
in 2011 when he released his debut album, Reflections of Reality, the folk singer’s
message rang clear for all. Garriotte found that many admirers of his introspective
lyricism were electronic music fans, and soon he began work on remixing his album
with the help of producers from the genre for this new double LP. The entire album
is a mystic’s digital wanderings while still wearing the fabric that holds him to the
truths of the past. ‘The Power To Be Alive( The Green Raver Folkstep Mix)’ is flush
with soaring light, while another standout track, ‘Moments (The Chameleon Acidfolk
Remix)’ is hypnotic, charging mantra that would live well on a club’s dancefloor or
in the ears while completing that last mile of running. And ‘Pop or Soda(LORDBRET
Right Choice Remix)’ is so crisp and yet pulls you in with the finest of basslines. 
What Chords of Truth has done on this album is to paint new horizons in colors and
light that burn so bright that you can’t imagine the skies without them.