[MUSIC] B.Mills - "The Life & Times Of An Eternal Optimist"
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 11:59AM
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Hope. It's something that often can be expressed in cliched terms
but is one of the most meaningful elements of the human experience.
To that end, hope is something that doesn't suffer from too many 
avenues of expression. For B. Mills, it is a vital component of his
life and work. On his latest album, The Life & Times Of An Eternal
, that feeling is imbued throughout. Standing in at eight tracks,
Mills displays a versatility that spans the genres of R&B, soul and hip-hop
with a deftness that doesn't come across as heavy-handed. 

It begins with the opening notes of "And We Rise", as Mills's production
crafts a melodic intro that mimics the opening of a new day. It's a track
that is lofty, with a simple bounce and cheery vibe provided by his upbeat
lyrics. That sets the tone effectively, with "Get Up 2 Get Down" and "If
U Will" being highly infectious standouts that could stand on their own as
singles with the high level of harmony they both exude. B.Mills does plan
to have a full-length release on the way, and if this is a sample of what's
to come then the idea of hope will have a newly riveting and rhythmic 
definition. The Life & Times Of An Eternal Optimist is available now on
all platforms. 

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