[MUSIC] Maxx the Muffin Man - "Every Summer Since"
Monday, January 15, 2018 at 4:12PM
Preach in Unspoken Heard: New Artists

There are many who flock to music as a release, and for that 
same reason you will find that true of the overwhelming majority
who create music. Some pick up on that knack early, and act on
it in steady movements. This group has a substantial amount of those
who claim rap as their life blood and joining those ranks is Maxx 
the Muffin Man. Maxx hails from the Pacific Northwest - Portland,
Oregon to be precise. The rap bug bit him from early on, and he 
made the decision to capitalize on his skills from the environs of his
college dorm room. But Maxx's ultimate aims are more expansive,
because he sees rap as a way to connect to others with a more positive
vibe and to undercut repetitive tropes often found in the contemporary
rap game. With that in mind, he began to work on music along with
a few trusted friends which resulted in a couple of singles being 
produced and released on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Every Summer Since is a ten-track mixtape that was released this
past December. On it, Maxx displays a style that's a mix of the laconic
and the upbeat, with parts of the flow more along the lines of early
stuff by Wiz Khalifa. The production throughout is set up to evoke 
a kind of audio surrealism, at times taking on the kitsch found in
psychedelic rock. Maxx's flow is a consistent one, best emphasized
on "Puff Is Enough" where the production by Old Ben matches it
with a bounce that embraces the listener's ears. "Wavy Gravy" is 
like a Grateful Dead mashup through the speakers. The title track
is an evenly-paced song, and Maxx stands out for some clever bars
that highlight the joys of just being chill no matter what. Every Summer 
is available to listen to now at the artist's webpage and "Better
Than This" is available as a single now on iTunes.



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