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[MUSIC] The Unraveling - 'Revolt'  

We all want the chance at time, to get away from the 
things that bind us. To rage against routine. And so, we
often turn to music to help us channel that frustration.
In the case of the latest single by The Unraveling, it’s less
of a want than a declared need. ‘Revolt’ comes courtesy
of the band hailing from Canada, Calgary to be exact. It 
also marks a sturdy return since the lead vocalist, Steve
Moore, had to undergo an extended hiatus for personal
reasons. Both he and Gustavo de Beauville, producer and
co-founder of the group, team up again to give listeners
a blistering and seething track in advance of their upcoming
album. ‘Revolt’ is insistent as it is irresistible once the first
roaring chords open the song. de Beauville’s production
is a formidable mixture of raging guitars and harmonies
that flex from despair into near atmospheric hope. It gives
Moore’s vocals, chock full of edgy lyrics that pause at the
brink of dystopia, a steel gauntlet to drive the message home.

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