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[MUSIC] Return For Refund

Good rock & roll clamors for the attention of your eardrums,
but does so through its established presence. It’s tougher to
do when it’s your debut album. But for Return For Refund, 
they manage to pull off both tasks in very decent fashion.
The trio, based out of Toronto, Canada, has burst onto the 
scene with a sound that’s fresh and spontaneous. This is a 
reflection of how the band came to be in 2013; Frontman
Drew Clementino wound up in a cover band with fellow 
guitarist Sasha Molotkow. They clicked, and soon left that
band to do their own thing. In another beneficial turn, Molotkow
wound up reconnecting with Karlis Hawkins, another former
bandmate from high school who had moved back to Toronto
from Halifax. And so, Return For Refund came to be. 

The EP shows how all three have united to create a crisp
sound. “TV Light” finds Clementino’s voice sonorous and 
sharp as the charging guitars flail at a sizzling tempo.”Yolo”
is rollicking enough to match its trendy title. “Between The
Sheets” is a great centerpiece for the album, with all of the
members really shining to create a song that lets you lose
yourself within the chords. With a solid following being built
up throughout the collegiate crowd in Canada, Return For
Refund is making sure you won’t have any reason to turn
their music away. The EP is available now through their 
Bandcamp page.

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