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[MUSIC] Liz Graham - 'Charcoal On A Canvas'

When you hear songs about love as a form
of art, it’s all about just how connected you
feel to that metaphor…and how well the
artist or artists ensure that connection. In
the case of the latest single from singer and
songwriter Liz Graham, it brings that idea
forth in a gentle and charming way. This is
not totally out of the blue. Graham has a 
treasure trove of musical experience, with
being recognized multiple times as an outstanding
performer by ASCAP and co-writing as well
as singing ‘Daylight’, featured in Dreamworks’
2013 motion picture ‘The Fifth Estate.’

‘Charcoal On A Canvas’ daubs a picture of
the beginnings of love; specifically getting
to know someone. Graham utilizes a poet’s
deft touch in the lyrics, and her voice falls
upon your ears like snowflakes on the surface
of a pond. Her guitar work provides a calm
backdrop that lays itself alongside the drums
like lace doilies on a favored couch in the
home of a loved one. ‘Charcoal On A Canvas’
is the first single release in anticipation of
her upcoming second album due this year,
and it can be found at her Bandcamp page.



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